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PS152+ Model multi-functional accurate digital display DC stabilized power supply is a new type of professional power supply for specific maintenance of mobile communication. It is different from common stabilized power supply by adopting the following seven state-of-art design concepts and new type of electronic line to reach super features and functions.

**Adopt the newest ideas and new circuit design enables super performance. It is suitable for production line testing and technician R&D testing.

1) Multi-voltage output totally 3 groups power supply for main control power, +5V power and -5V power. It is very convenient for production line testing.

2) Maximum current stabilized protection and cut-off type circuit protection could be adjusted continuously. The protection has prompt response preventing further damage of circuit board from short circuit loading and current overload.

3) Dynamic current monitor prompt reflects loaded transient status to let the technician easily judge the faulty part of circuit board.

4) It shows mobile phone frequency field (RF) and RF indicator which let the technician has RF reference data and then judge normal RF.

5) Additional standard 1KHz vibration signal power is used for testing voice frequency channel (VC) of electronic products.

6) High precision 4 digits LED display 0.15V
15V/20V/30V of current and voltage 0-2A/3A/5A.

7) Alternative 220V/110V power selection for global usage.

Voltage: 220V
±10%, 50/60Hz

Voltage Output: DC 0.15V~15V

Loading Stability: 0.01% ±5mv

Power Stability: 0.01% ±2mv

Ripple Output: 5mv (RMS)

Current: 0~2A

Current Loading Stability: 0.2% ±2mA

Current overload protection: 2A +/-10%

Secondary Output: +5V +/-0.1V/500mA, -5V +/-0.1V/-50mA, 1KHZ.Vpp=20V
DVM Test: DC 0-10V

Display: LED 4 digits x 2

Dimension: 125(L)200(W)150(H) mm

Packing: 26x17x19 cm
Gross Weight: 2.1 kg

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